Compact and light
EA Series inkjet printer controller is a 7-inch display screen with light weight , able to insall a mimited space area. EA printer work based on JP TIJ technology, which is reliable, high quality and fast.
Simple operation
There is a new operation interface design on EA printer, which offers all function can be found in only 3 steps. For example, enter interface is the last printing interface less operations can save user's time.
Basic application
EA series inkjet printer can satisfy user's basic require like text, date, counter, barcode and database. EA printer can connect 2 print heads together, which is up to 25.4mm print height.
EA printer is an economic printer with all necessary functions available it has a suitable for entry level of TIJ machine. Also, EA support various kind of language keyboard input and print.

Printer module features

Print height               EA-1                12.7mm
                                      EA-2                25.4mm
Max Print speed       40m/min
Print Resolution       150-600DPI
Print content             Text, Time, Image, Database, Counter, Variable Barcode
Barcode Type            PDF417, QRCODE, DATAMATRIX, EAN8, EAN128, CODE25, CODE128, etc.
Other                           Simulation speed / Simulation sensor


Controller features

Interface type                           USB/ Sensor/ Encoder/ Alarm
Display screen                           7 inch touch screen
Accessories (Include)              Touch screen, 2m connection cable, Power cable, Print head sensor, Touch Pen
Accessories (Optional)            Alarm, Encoder


Menu language                         English, Simplified chinese, Traditional chinese, Korea, Arabic, Spanish
Print content language          English, Simplified chinese, Traditional chinese, Korea, Arabic, Spanish,
                                                      Indonesia, Vietnam, Thai