D03S & D05S Thermal Transfer Overprint

D Series Thermal Transfer Overprinter, one of the world’s best cost-effective smart coding machines, provides excellent solutions to soft-packaging coding in a wide range of fields like food, pharmacy, daily use chemicals, seeds, daily use paper and financial bill.     Optimizing your brand:300 DPI resolution ratios; improve the cosmetic level of your packaging; make you more outstanding and appealing among competitors.    Optimizing your benefits: Can print real-time date, time and batch No.; can edit print text as you want; super 650-meter ribbon reducing the frequency of changing, saving your production time; user friendly interface making it easy to operate; easy-to-learn editing software.     Optimizing your Production line and reducing the cost.    Optimizing your competitiveness: Variable numbers, barcodes, QR codes make it possible to track the products, anti-counterfeit and avoid mixing, thus enhancing your reputation and competitiveness.    Protect your products: Do no harm to the package, extending the valid period; clear mark avoids the product being removed from the goods shelf at an early time.    Protect your value: Different dimensions of print head (32mm&53mm) and ribbon (22, 25, 30, 33, and 55) meet variable demands of printing; print gap can be as small as 0.5mm; super-clear and super adhesive prints protect you from customer complaints. Reduce the cost in every possible ways.    Protect your Channel: Variable barcodes and QR codes help track the products through distribution software, anti-counterfeit and avoid mixing, thus to protect your sales channel.    Protect your Safety: The cassette protects the ribbon and keeps it clean, ensuring the safety of production and products, thus influencing the safety of the company in a profound way.    Protecting our environment: Energy-saving; low consumption; environment friendly.