Squid Ink’s Streamline Plus CIJ printing system is designed to print superior quality small characters on a variety of substrates: porous, non-porous, smooth, textured, curved, concave and more. Printing up to 5 lines of text, the Streamline offers a reliable, yet cost effective solution for virtually any small character primary packaging application.


The Streamline Plus was designed to meet the harsh demands ofyour application. Stainless steel cabinetry, reliable gear anddiaphragm pumps, a 10” touchscreen keyboard andstainless steel printhead allow the Streamline Plus to operate in the most extreme factory environments. In addition, the3-meter printhead umbilical cord is heavy duty, yet flexible enough to reach your primary coding location. You can be confident that Streamline’s rugged design will withstand the most abusive industrial environments.


The Streamline Plus is designed with the low maintenance features that users have come to rely on from Squid Ink. Streamline’s self-cleaning printhead allows quick and easy automatic start-up and shutdown. A simple press of a button commands the printer to go through a start-up cycle or flush the system for shutdown. When routine maintenance is required, pump components can be swapped out within minutes eliminating the need to purchase expensive pump assemblies or schedule costly service calls.


Streamline’s simple to use programmable interface for message creation and editing allows users the ability to program messages, graphics and logos without additional software. Streamline’s built-in full size touchscreen keyboard allows quick and easy message programming and retrieval for up to 256MB of storage that can include expiration dates, Julian dates, shift codes, product counts and batch numbers. Resident software walks users through a series of prompts to program and save each message for printing on-demand, Message programming is simple and allows codes to be
created, edited and printed within minutes.


Whether you are a seasoned pro, or if you have wanted to start printing codes on your products, but felt your budget restricted you from doing so, the Streamline Plus offers a new level of economy. As the newest addition to Squid Ink’s growing family of marking and coding systems, Streamline gives users a choice for their primary coding applications. Any way you look at it, Squid Ink’s Streamline Plus provides users with an affordable solution to meet their ink jet coding needs.


Rugged design. Low maintenance operation. User friendly software. Lower cost of ownership. Your benefits go on and on. When it comes to industrial ink jet printing, rely on Squid Ink to provide the right solution for your marking and coding needs.


Printer Type - Continuous Ink Jet Printing System
Print Rate - Up to 285m /min (5 x 5 font, single line)
Font Matrix Capability- Up to 4 lines (7x5 dot), up to 5 lines (5 x5 dot)
Font Matrix Configuration - 5x5, 7x 5, 9x 7,12x12,16x16, 24x24
Character Height - 1.8mm to 15mm; Up to 32 dot high font with single
line of text
Throw Distance - Up to 30mm
Keyboard/Display - Simple to use,10” touchscreen display
Message Storage – 8G message memory
Software Features - Counter, lot counter, shift code, time and date,
expiration date, Julian date, bar code, random code
Operating Features - Print delay, reverse print, invert print, auto-start
Auto-Start - Quick and easy one button start/stop process for automatic
self-cleaning operation
Communication Interface - USB, ethernet, and RS -232
Product Sensor- Diffuse beam photocell included; additional photocells
Printhead - Compact and durable stainless steel design,
omni-directional set-up capability
Printhead Dimensions – 9.1" (232mm) long, 1.7" (44mm) in diameter,
1.6" (41mm) in height
Printhead Cable - Vinyl-covered armored conduit, 10’ (3m) umbilical
Cabinet Construction - Wall mountable or free standing stainless steel
Cabinet Dimensions - 13" (330mm) x 12" (307mm) x 18.9" (480mm)

Electrical Requirement - 100/240VAC, 50/60Hz
Operating Environment - 5° - 45°C
Humidity Range - 30 – 95% relative humidity, non-condensing• Weight - 57 lbs. (26kg)
Inks – Black,Red,Blue,Green,Yellow,White color

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